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Getting fast, affordable broadband to the home is hard. We’ve made it a whole lot easier.

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Tarana Wireless leads in wireless technology innovation, empowering service providers to revolutionise networks and deliver exceptional connectivity experiences. Tarana’s solutions enable providers to transform their businesses and offer extraordinary service to subscribers.

Tarana’s unique wireless solutions provide fibre-like performance, robust non-line-of-sight capabilities, and scalability to address the evolving digital landscape. As the world becomes increasingly connected, Tarana Wireless is dedicated to offering cutting-edge solutions that help service providers transform networks, surpass subscriber expectations, and drive sustainable growth in a competitive market.

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Broadband Reinvented

Check out our new executive summary for a succinct introduction to the story of next-generation FWA (ngFWA).

Tarana Wireless G1x2

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Ready to pilot G1 or better yet, start building a state-of-the-art ngFWA network? 

Tarana Wireless Awards

An Award-Winning Solution to Further Close the Digital Divide

Tarana has been in the spotlight for significant advancements in the fixed wireless space. We’re honored to be WISPA’s 2022 Manufacturer of the Year, and also proud to win Product of the Year with Gigabit 1 (G1). We’ve also recently won an award from Light Reading for offering the Most Innovative Broadband Access Solution. A huge thank you goes out to our supporters who made this possible. Together, we are narrowing the digital divide all over the world.


What Tarana Customers Have to Say

“After just one day of running our pilot on G1, customers are saying ‘please, you’re not going to turn this off for years, right!?!’  It’s a very sticky product.”

Neil McRae
Chief Network Architect at British Telecom

BT Networks

“G1 smoked everything else we’ve tried.  Impressive feats — 300 Mbps plus through trees and 1 Gbps in near line of sight at 5 miles — unbelievable.  We’re thinking we don’t need LTE CBRS because we’re getting better performance in 5 GHz from Tarana.”

Tyson Curtis
CEO at Resound Networks

Resound Networks

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