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Bringing fast and affordable broadband to homes can be a challenging task, but we’ve simplified the process significantly.

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No cables, No problem.

Mesh Plus Plus leads the way in innovative mesh networking technology, empowering service providers to redefine connectivity experiences. Our advanced solutions revolutionize networks, enabling providers to deliver unparalleled service to their subscribers.

Mesh Plus Plus offers a unique mesh networking solution with robust capabilities, providing seamless connectivity and scalability to adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape. In an increasingly connected world, Mesh Plus Plus is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower service providers to transform their networks, exceed subscriber expectations, and thrive in a competitive market.

Explore the future of networking with Mesh Plus Plus at

Wherever You Need WiFi

Start a business, grow your network, connect people.

Rural Broadband Enhanced by Mesh++

Tired of high last-mile internet costs?

Mesh++ is the answer. Slash installation expenses by up to 85% with our technology, making remote internet access a reality.

Last-Mile Connectivity: Mesh++ networks eliminate costly trenching, connecting previously unreachable areas. We're bridging the digital gap affordably.

Affordable Rural Connectivity: Adcomtec delivers cost-effective rural internet solutions through Mesh++.

Break free from high costs with Mesh++. Join Adcomtec to revolutionise rural broadband.

Mesh Plus Plus Transforming Public Spaces

Looking to enhance connectivity in public spaces?

Mesh++ is the solution. Our technology reduces installation costs by up to 85%, making widespread internet access more accessible.

Seamless Public Connectivity: Mesh++ networks eliminate costly trenching, connecting public spaces efficiently and affordably.

Empowering Public Areas: Adcomtec delivers cost-effective internet solutions for public spaces through Mesh++.

Unlock enhanced public connectivity with Mesh++. Join Adcomtec for a connected future.

Industrial Revolution with Mesh Plus Plus

Host local networks even with limited backhaul.

Mesh++ enables IoT and wireless connectivity, modernizing challenging workplaces.

Local Network Hosting: Mesh++ empowers local networks in areas with limited backhaul, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

IoT Integration: Bring your industrial operations to the 21st century with Mesh++ enabled IoT solutions.

Upgrade your industrial setup with Mesh++. Join Adcomtec for a connected future.

Urban Transformation with Mesh++

Urban Transformation with Mesh++

Expand access rapidly in underserved urban areas. Mount S618 nodes on rooftops and streetlights to connect your neighborhood.

Rapid Access Expansion: Mesh++ enables quick access expansion in underserved urban neighborhoods using S618 nodes.

Upgrade urban connectivity with Mesh++. Join Adcomtec for a connected future.

Temporary WiFi Solutions with Mesh++

Temporary WiFi Solutions with Mesh++

Planning an event and need a WiFi network? Your search ends here! S618 nodes offer up to 10 days of battery life, even without the removable solar panel.

Event-Ready WiFi: Mesh++ provides reliable WiFi for your temporary event needs. Our S618 nodes ensure connectivity without the need for frequent recharging.

Get event-ready WiFi with Mesh++. Join Adcomtec for hassle-free connectivity.

Disaster-Ready Mesh++ Networks

Disaster-Ready Mesh++ Networks

Mesh++ networks remain operational even offline, hosting terabytes of local media and applications, a vital lifeline in times of disaster.

Resilient Disaster Networks: Mesh++ ensures connectivity and content accessibility in crisis situations, serving as a lifeline when online connectivity is compromised.

Choose Mesh++ for disaster-ready networks. Join Adcomtec for dependable disaster relief solutions.

Mesh Plus Plus
Mesh Plus Plus
Mesh Plus Plus

More About Mesh plus plus

Contained Solar Powered Mesh WiFi

Mesh Plus Plus Dashboard Tutorial

Solar Powered Wi-Fi Router Installation

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