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Adcomtec is managed by Professional Engineers registered at the Engineering Council of South Africa. Projects are carried out by engineering, computer science, technical support and administrative support personnel operating in small teams. Adcomtec applies a formal work methodology inspired by ISO9001.

Project management
The project management team at Adcomtec includes experienced engineers who understand the technical, financial and schedule considerations involved in project execution, who have the aptitude to provide project direction and control and who liase effectively with clients.

System engineering
System Engineering is conducted at Adcomtec by experienced engineers who apply formal system engineering processes in order to execute projects with minimum risk. System engineering tasks include concept and trade-off studies, specification generation, control of external interfaces, acceptance test procedure generation and imposition of speciality disciplines e.g. safety, reliability and maintainability.

System design
System design, divided into hardware and software elements, is performed by CCIE Certified engineers and computer scientists at Adcomtec. Formal design reviews are held to accept hardware and software designs. Test equipment, which is an integral part of the system, is an element of system design.

System integration
System integration is led by the key members of the design and development teams. Integration is done at Adcomtec facilities where feasible. The external environment is replicated as best possible by using actual external subsystems, or emulators as a second choice. Comprehensive testing is done at module, subsystem and system level during this time in order to ensure that system operation is in accordance with specifications. The client is invited to attend the system level testing.

Adcomtec has a team of experienced installation specialists to ensure the installation of our equipment exceeds customer expectations.

Support and Service Level Agreements
Adcomtec offers and maintains Service Level Agreements to customer requirements.